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Awareness and Outreach

The information and tools from this research is intended to inform planning decisions that can effectively avoid, minimize, or offset impacts from energy development to important natural areas.

Image of land managers coordinating.By providing vital information to policy makers, land management agencies, industry, and the public in identifying potential future energy development and how that development may intersect with biological and ecological values, this research will inform discussions on how to meet immediate and future energy needs while sustaining the health of natural systems.

View several outreach products from the project below:

News Release

A new study and online mapping tool released by the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and The Nature Conservancy provides needed research to inform discussions among conservation organizations, policy makers, regulators, industry, and the public on how to protect essential natural resources while realizing the benefits of increased domestic energy production.

Fact Sheet

Provides a general overview of the need for the Energy Assessment research, the major products and findings that came out of the project, and the relevance of the study, models, and tools to the resource management community.

Finally, watch a great overview by the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture on the Impacts of Energy Development on Birds in the Appalachians.