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The Working Lands for Wildlife Workspaces

The WLFW workspaces allows for technology transfer between NRCS and its large spectrum of Working Lands for Wildlife partners and initiatives as well as back-and-forth sharing of learning materials, applied science, and field insights among professional biologists, foresters, and other experts and between NRCS and other professionals

The strength of the WLFW Workspaces is that it allows for better collaboration and information sharing across initiatives. In addition, we also support private workspaces for each individual initiative to share and edit draft documents, preliminary data, sensitive materials, and other information not intended for wider distribution.

The Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW) program develops win-win approaches with producers and private landowners. WLFW partners understand that collaboration is critical to enhance wildlife habitat and improve agriculture and forest productivity. We can continue to strengthen collaboration -- especially between technical experts from federal and state agencies and non-government partner staff -- through the WLFW workspaces. The WLFW workspaces provide online infrastructure and space for partners to share their expertise with one another, exchange resources and ideas, and plan work together on a certain species, a given habitat or land use, or a specific project. A subset of the resources here are available to producers, landowners, and communities who are interested in, or involved with, the WLFW program.  

Things you can do in this workspace!

Once you are registered and logged in, you will be able to access and share any and all content, regardless of file type, software or size. This space is meant to be user-friendly. Through the workspace, we hope you can find other partners, share information and training materials, and enhance each other's capability to achieve large-scale change in working landscapes.

Image for workspaceOn the workspace you can...

  • View or post printed or media outreach materials
  • Find a technical expert in your area to provide assistance
  • View or post online training modules and webinars
  • Share photos and videos
  • Share news and announce dates of upcoming events
  • Alert other portal members to newly posted content
  • Store large and small datasets, databases, GIS files, etc.
  • Share updates on new or completed projects or actions
  • Manage logistics for upcoming meetings online (instead of trails of emails!)
  • Use the PRIVATE, password controlled workspaces to store, share or edit draft documents, raw data, sensitive materials, or any content that cannot or should not yet be posted publicly
  • For an annual maintenance fee, add interactive content in a separate workspace for your own WFLW initiative